Weekend Programs







Saturday Programing

Word Woman – 7:30am -25 Min

Sunday School Hour 8am -25Min

God Never Fails Ministry 9am -25Min

Voice of Liberty 9:30am 25Min

El Bethel Primitive Baptist Church 10am  :55Min

 Showers of Blessings  11:00 am :55 Minutes

 Communicating with Deliverance each Saturday 2:00pm :55Min



 New Shiloh Baptist Church 6am 55Min

True Deliverance 7am 25Min

Word of Faith 8:30am 25Min

 Pass It On Public Affairs 3p-3:30 pm 25 Min

 Making A Differences Doing God’s Will 4:30pm  25Min

 Live At Liberty 5p-5:55 pm 55Min

Donnie McClurkin show 7pm 3Hrs


Concert Calendar