Craig David Reveals Two-Year Celibacy Stint In The Hopes Of Healing & Finding His Person

Recently, Craig David opened up about his celibacy and the reason why he decided to take on this journey.

Craig said, “‘I know to the date, It’s been two years now for me [without sex]. But funnily, much as I was like ‘Wow!’ to myself for the moment, [my] creativity has been on a 100, on a max, for those two years.'”

He continued, “‘I realized that me not having healed my own issues meant I was never in a position to be open to someone else.”

He added, “[It] does mean not outwardly going on dates. The sexual interactions are going to have to stop now. Just cut that off.”

David continued, “If we can’t deep dive, if I can’t have a conversation and at the same time laugh like crazy with you, and see the beauty from within you, then we’re just gonna be doing the same game that I’ve been playing since day one.”

What’s the best way to build intimacy between you and your significant other?


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