Christian Colleges Give Free Tuition For All To Draw More Students!

A small Christian College in Boston Sattler College has started this semester notifying the students that there will not be any student tuition. The president, Zach Johnson, said that some students even came into his office with tears of joy after this announcement.

A student at Sattler, Uriah O’Terry is the first member of his family to go to college. He explained that in the past it was a “point of stress,” to find money for tuition and now is extremely happy with the change.

“I am being prepared for a life of effective Christian living without the burden of debt,” he said in an email. “So the way I pay for my ‘free’ college education is by serving Jesus and the people around me with the skills and knowledge that I have gained at Sattler.”

A college in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania Geneva College, also announced that in the fall of 2024 it would not charge students tuition for students whose families make under $70,000 a year. Another college in Winona Lake, Indiana, Grace college, began offering free tuition in the fall of 2023 for students whose families make less than $65,000 and will continue next year for families who make less than $60,000.

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